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Rigging Training for Riggers, Crane Operators, and Inspectors Series

- DVD Arabic
Five-module series that details the responsibilities of the crane operator, inspector and rigger based on the requirements of API RP2D. (Also available in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish)

Price: $685.00

Other Languages
- English
- French
- Portuguese
- Spanish
Based on the requirements of API RP2D, MMS and the US Coast Guard, this suite of videos illustrates the recommeded practices set forth by leading drilling and maritime contractors, major oil producers and rigging equipment manufacturers. Shot at working offshore installations, port facilities and equipment yards, these videos provide invaluable training for riggers, crane operators and inspectors.
Series Includes:
1. Basic Rigging Concepts
2. Rigging Gear & Inspection Criteria
3. Putting Slings to Work
4. Safe Rigging Practices & Procedures
5. Drums, Blocks, Sheaves & Wire Rope Terminations