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Drilling Crews and Oilfield Support Personnel: Duties and Responsibilities

From the roughneck and the driller, to the toolpusher and the company man, this program shows the range of duties of each person involved in land-based drilling. The program also helps workers understand the structure of the business, including the roles of oil companies, rig operators and specialized contractors.

Closed Captioning is included.

This course presents interactive instruction covering the following topical areas:

Introduction To Land Drilling Crews And Support Personnel
 • Fluid circulation
 • Drilling contractor
 • Logging tool

Drilling Contractor Rig Personnel
 • Tour
 • Driller
 • Toolpushers

Drilling Contractor Onsite Rig Support Personnel
 • Rotary helpers
 • Derrickman
 • Motorman

Drilling Contractor Offsite Support Personnel
 • District superintendent
 • Swamper

Oilfield Industry Supply And Service Personnel
 • Supply companies
 • Service personnel
 • Perforating guns
 • Construction crews
 • Industry associations
 • Seismic work

This course will measure mastery on each of the following performance objectives:

Understand what support personnel do.
 • Describe the basic rotary drilling process.
 • Explain what a drilling contractor does.
 • Explain what an operating company is.
 • Recall what a supply company and a service company are.

Know the drilling rig personnel duties.
 • Explain what a tour is and point out the usual work hours of crew.
 • List the members of the drilling crew and give their titles.
 • Identify other contractor employees.

Recognize the drilling contractor onsite rig support personnel.
 • Describe the general duties of the rotary helpers.
 • Tell what the derrickman's duties are
 • Explain the driller's duties.
 • Describe the toolpusher's duties.
 • Tell who the company man is and what he does.

Be familiar with what drilling contractor offsite support personnel do.
 • List personnel who work for a drilling contractors.
 • Explain duties of rig related contractor personnel.

Be familiar with what oilfield industry supply and service personnel do.
 • Explain who supply personnel are.
 • Explain who service personnel are.
 • Describe oil field work that does not take place on the rig.
 • List oil and gas associations such as IADC and API.